Professional Stucco Pressure Washing Company- Jackson NJ

Professional Stucco Pressure Washing Company - Jackson NJ Here is a short clip of someone using the best method to clean stucco. What this video shows is the application of soap to the stucco using low-pressure and keeping a distance from the stucco surface. A Professional Stucco Cleaning Company Jackson NJ understands that stucco is a very delicate surface and using any high pressure is almost certain to cause damage. Following the soap application which actually does all the work and melts away all the dirt and mold, we would simply rinse it all away with low-pressure water and your home will sparkle like when it was new. So if your home is covered in stucco be sure to regularly clean and maintain it with a Professional Stucco Pressure Washing Company - Jackson NJ. Always be sure to ask the contractor if they are trained to clean stucco with LOW-PRESSURE.