Meet BlueJet Power Wash.

Expert powerwash, exterior care and maintenance for your building.

The Brain behind BlueJet Power Wash

Hi, I’m Mordy Breiner.
I’m a regular New Jersey guy; husband, father, and friend. My customers say I’m nice and easy to work with. I just know that I like people, enjoy talking to them, and helping them out.

Some trivia about me:
-I love problem-solving. My favorite parts of the job are getting to know my clients, finding solutions to their challenges, and knowing that I’m helping them.
-I’m  detail-oriented and great with logistics, and use those abilities to help  even the most demanding clients.
-I’m an outdoor enthusiast.
I love biking, hiking, mountain-climbing; you name it, I’ve done it. The outdoors aspect is a big part in this business; no sitting in a cushy office from afar. I get there and see what needs to be done.

It’s how I got into exterior services in the first place.

Being an outdoorsy guy, I noticed that many New Jersey homes’ exteriors were  dirty and grimy. Not one to just stand by, I set out to learn the exterior cleaning business. I networked with industry organizations, connected with vendors, attended trainings, and hired crews.

We started small, but built up over the years. The first 2 years we cleaned 100s of homes...and our reputation brought us commercial clients. Then we started adding more services, like waterproofing, coatings and restoration, at our clients’ request.

Well, now we're close to a decade later, and I have to say, it's pretty cool to look back at how we started. Besides gaining loads of experience and knowledge, I have a great team working with me.
We now do power washing, exterior services and maintenance projects for commercial, industrial and multifamily properties.We’ve done 100s of projects in the last 9 years and are proud to be a member of many associations in our industry.

My Pet Peeve

You know what gets me about power washing? So many people think that  power washing is just “spraying water”. There’s so much knowledge needed to do a safe and effective job; you need to know your chemicals and solutions. Unfortunately, we see lots of damage from inexperienced power washing companies. That just strengthens my resolve to up our expertise and deliver the safest, most effective results possible.


Manager of Power washing projects

As a former firefighter, Mark’s as comfortable at heights as he is on the ground, and approaches projects with a safety-first mindset. He dives into complicated projects, never met a challenge he didn't like, and can be relied upon to figure out all the logistics involved. He has a reputation among property managers as someone who will not leave a project until they are 100% satisfied.


Manager of Exterior services and Maintenance projects

Joe has years of experience as  a property manager, making him the perfect man for large projects. Exterior coatings, sealants, waterproofing and facade repairs are right up his alley.He has a thirst for knowledge, golden hands and a friendly disposition. Our clients are put at ease when Joe is on site.

Why we do what we do:

Genuine care for our clients is what drives our business. “What’s important to my customers  becomes important to me, and my goal is to please them.”


(We know, that’s what they all say, but you’ll see what I mean soon.)

So how do we please our clients?


mediocrity is a no-no. Our staff is trained to go overboard to please you and your clients.


we touch base with you regularly over the course of your project to update you.

Quality results:

we’re constantly attending seminars and investing in new equipment to ensure that you get the most up-to-date, professional results possible.

Take It From Them

“Mordy and his guys at BlueJet power washed 2 complexes for us. They gave us a good price, and did a quality job. I was nervous at first because we were doing a new technique, softwashing, which I had never done before. I was afraid that I would get complaints about grass dying and things getting ruined, but they were very meticulous and did an excellent job. The tenants were all happy.”

Amandine Disanto, American Building Services LLC

“I use Mordy and his crews for our buildings. He's easy to work with; listens and understands our needs, offers reasonable rates and responds promptly. His staff are friendly and accommodating; we never get complaints from tenants. I highly recommend BlueJet powerwash for good-old-fashioned customer service and quality work.”.

Bill Mosey, Sage 1 Property Management

“We used BlueJet to power wash the exterior of 6 multifamily buildings for us. I like using Mordy and BlueJet because I’m confident that he can handle it without any problems, and he is very forthcoming in communication. Not a day went by without an update from him. He’s friendly and accommodating, and we got zero complaints from tenants. The results were very professional. He really knew how to adapt to every surface.”

Will, KRE Management

Power washing done right.

You want a true expert to pressure wash your properties.
Someone who will remove dirt, mold, and mildew properly.
Not someone who will just “spray water”, damaging  property, killing  plants, and scratching  up surfaces in the process.
Someone who will do it right.
That someone is  Mordy Breiner of BlueJet Powerwash.

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