Your Power Washing Questions, Lakewood NJ

Your Power Washing Questions, Lakewood NJ Every homeowner and business owner has questions about the maintenance of their property exterior. We encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they want, so they can feel empowered about taking the best care of their property. Our experience over the years has gained us lots of knowledge in many aspects of your property exterior, from cleaning to even which materials are best to use when building a home. Our experience in power washing has taught us a lot about many masonry surfaces, including stucco, stone and concrete. We have also learnt what a good installation looks like, and how some bad installations can cause serious mold issues down the road. Your power washing questions, Lakewood NJ can now easily be answered anytime by emailing us at Please take advantage of this free service, because we love to help. Here's a sampling of questions that we get on a daily basis: Why does the mildew seem to be much worse one side of my home? How long should I wait before staining my new deck? Can stucco be power washed without ruining it? I am building a new home, is it recommended to use stucco, or should just stick with vinyl siding? Can cultured stone be power washed? What should I keep in mind when installing cultured stone, to avoid moisture issues? Is it better to power wash with hot water? Are the soaps and chemicals safe for my grass or pets? Can you remove rust stains from my concrete? Can you get my commercial building cleaned without us closing the retail stores? My kid spilled cooking oil on my concrete, can you clean it (please say yes..)? How long will my house stay clean after its power washed?......These are just some of the questions we get from hundreds of questions all about maintaining your home exterior. Your power washing questions, Lakewood NJ are important to us, and even more important to you. Please feel free to email us anytime at for your peace of mind:)