Rust Stain Treatment and Removal

Rust Stain Treatment and Removal
The curb appeal at your commercial property is likely to directly affect the properties profitability. Certainly, customers are more likely to spend time on a beautiful property but perhaps more importantly your tenants will expect you to maintain its curb appeal. Doing regular maintenance and cleaning is no big deal, but what about dealing with irregular stains on the building that don't seem to come off with standard power washing?

An issue that is becoming more common and is shared by many of our clients is rust staining on the building and concrete walks around the property. Although this staining is not harmful to people or to the surfaces, it does have a very negative effect on the buildings curb appeal.

What is causing these stains, and can they be safely removed?

In most instances these stains are from the irrigation system. Typically, the sprinklers are running on a well, and the well water depending on location can have lots of iron and minerals in it. When sprinklers turn on and hit surfaces, the water will dry leaving behind the iron (rust) on the surface. Power washing with typical detergents cannot remove these stains and watching the surfaces around your property become more orange/brown can be very frustrating.

Fortunately, some power washing contractors do specialize in the treatment of these kind of stains, and in most instances can fully remove the staining. Ask your contractor if he's knowledgeable and trained in the safe removal of iron stains from different surfaces. To prevent the stains from coming back, it may be necessary to contact a water treatment company who can install a filter to remove iron from the well water.