Can Aluminum Siding Be Power Washed? Brick NJ

Can Aluminum Siding Be Power Washed? Brick NJ Many power washing professionals will not power wash aluminum siding, and those that do will make the customer sign off that it's a paint prep. The reason is as follows: Aluminum siding with age will begin to oxidize. This means that the paint on the aluminum weakens and begins to break down. That being said, any amount of pressure can easily remove the paint from the siding. Aluminum siding has not been in use for close to thirty years, so basically any home with aluminum siding today is going to have siding that has oxidized paint. You can easily see this for yourself by rubbing your finger against the siding. You will notice powdered paint on your imagine what a power wash can do. Can aluminum siding be power washed? Brick NJ What we do in these situations is explain to the customer why it can be a risky and delicate process, and we will do a test spot on a small area of the home. If it comes out nice with no damage...Great! If there is some streaking then we leave it up to customer to decide if they want to move forward with the understanding that we take no responsibility for the results. It's important to note that when cleaning aluminum siding one must know how to clean using very low water pressure, since any high pressure will certainly damage the siding. Can aluminum siding be power washed? Brick NJ Sometimes it can't, however if you're going to give it a shot, make sure to hire a contractor that is highly experienced in doing so. Power washing aluminum siding can potentially be a very expensive mistake.